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                                                               EMERGENCY NUISANCE WILDLIFE REMOVAL

 From snake removal to rat exterminating we are open 24/7 so, don't let the animal noises in the attic keep you up all night. Find out and get rid of it !  A professional wildlife control agent is on call 24 hours and is trained to handle everything from Snake removal to Raccoon removal or Bee control to Bat removal services and bed bug exterminating.

                                                                     ANIMAL PROOFING AND EXCLUSION

The only proven way to get rid of critters in your home is to seal off all the animal entry points with materials that wild animals can't chew or destroy. Construction Gaps, Line sets and Gabel vents are just some examples of areas that should be re-enforced. Our wildlife damage control specialist can effectively stop animals from getting in to your home by sealing these areas. We also offer land & game management services for your property. CRITTER ANIMAL REMOVAL contractors build animal proof fences and our company uses the best in nuisance wildlife removal products. CRITTER ANIMAL REMOVAL stands behind the work and every animal proofing job comes with a warranty that our competitors can't match.

                                                   HUMANE TRAPPING / PROFESSIONAL WILDLIFE CONTROL 

EXPERT WILDLIFE 24 hour animal removal was designed to help the animals. We know that getting rid of cridders in the attic can be a nuisance but we always want the best outcome for every wild animal removal and wildlife control case. We follow all state and federal laws when dealing with nuisance wildlife removal and animal relocation. We team up with wildlife rehabilitators and land owners to provide suitable environment where wildlife can re-acclimate to the wild and conflicts are less likely to occur. 

                                                                          DEAD ANIMAL REMOVAL

CRITTER ANIMAL REMOVAL provides 24 hour dead animal removal service, dead deer removal and odor control. We have the fastest response time in the industry. Our local technicians are trained to locate and remove dead animals without destroying your home in the process. We offer dead rodent removal, dead squirrel removal, odor removal and emergency dead animal removal. Discreet service with no limit on size or weight. We also offer home sanitizing.

                                                                              ATTIC INSULATION

Our Services include attic remediation the removal of animal feces and sanitizing, however in most cases you will need to remove the soiled insulation and replace with new insulation. CRITTER ANIMAL REMOVAL is fully equiped to handle your infestation from start to finish and get your life back to normal. Our prices and customer service is unmatched by the leading national pest control companies. Call today and find out why people all over Atlanta are switching to CRITTER ANIMAL REMOVAL.

                                         PEST CONTROL ATLANTA AND EXTERMINATORS ATLANTA GA.

​Our pest control operators are fully licensed and equipped with the latest technology to safely and effectively control even the worst of pest infestations. Bed bug exterminators can be expensive. We offer cost effective heat treatments for bed bugs. Our exterminators for bed bugs are knowledgeable and professional. No job is too big or small. Call EXPERT WILDLIFE today for a free inspection

                                                                       RODENT CONTROL PLANS

CRITTER ANIMAL REMOVAL offers budget friendly rodent removal services. We offer a wide range of humane rodent eradication plans that are poison free. Our observations regarding the negative effects of rodenticides have been proven by lab researchers and veterinarians to be a unnecessary risk to children, pets and other non target species of wildlife. Rat trapping and mouse trapping is a safe and effective method for rat pest control and mouse pest control.  We also offer squirrel removal and squirrel repellent. Have a professional bait and place traps in the most effective areas and returning to service your home at your convenience.  Call now to have your home or business inspected by a wildlife damage control specialist today!  

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