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One of our customers in Atlanta, GA heard chewing through out the daytime. Our Wildlife removal technician inspected and found a small construction gap. The home owner ​was not able to animal proof the home at that time. In one month squirrels had chewed  through the gap and was living in the attic and had created animal damage that cost the home owner several thousand dollars in repairs.


This was the construction gap located behind the gutter and roof-line.         This picture above is the same home and same area one month later.

The picture below is the construction gap after the exclusion process  by CRITTER ANIMAL REMOVAL. With the squirrels removed (alive) the noises quit. The whole exclusion process took less than a day.


​'Construction gap' is the common term for the gap located behind the gutter or under the starter run of your shingles.  Your home will possibly have other gaps in your homes construction or weak areas in general. We deal with rat and mice exterminating on a daily and nightly basis as well as squirrel removal and other pest removal services. The most common reason for needing a pest exterminating company in Atlanta is (for example) the rats ability to breech a entry the size of a half of a  inch. Once the rodent has found a access into your home it will release pheromones that alert other animals.Procreation, food stores and obsessive chewing are some of the problems you will face in the early stages of a rat or mice infestation. 

In addition to bushes and over hanging trees contributing to pest infestations the larger picture is the construction of the home. Sealing all entry points is the only truly effective method for controlling pest infestations. Above are the picture examples of animal proofing material and the placement of the material over the construction gap.  We have multiple price ranges that fit almost any budget, and we offer free warranty for all our animal exclusion customers!


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